Your Digital Presence Effectiveness…

Let’s face it…

You are good at what you do, you’ve been doing it for a while and have great track record to prove it. Why would you need to address online and social media concerns when you’re a brick-and-mortar company?
The answer is simply, the world has changed in this era of the pandemic. If you’re not deemed “essential” by the powers at be, you may be vulnerable to a revenue interruption. If that happens, do you have an alternate way of generating income for yourself and your employees?
If yes, what are you doing specifically to duplicate your effectiveness and drive revenue?

At Renaissance Brand Management we view what you do with your business to drive revenue through the same entrepreneur’s lens.

You need more than just another vendor providing a service; you need a partner in your marketing and revenue generation success.
Someone who understands your customer’s value journey with your business and knows how to cultivate the right customers for your ideal client/target demographic using proven online tools and strategies.

That’s Renaissance Brand Management.

Renaissance Brand Management is a branding, internet marketing, and media production agency helping brick and mortar companies maximize their revenue streams with a “done for you” digital presence.
Specializing in developing and promoting lifestyle brands through:
  • internet marketing and digital advertising strategies
  • digital and physical product creation
  • virtual store ecommerce creation and management
  • live/virtual event broadcasting
  •  podcast/TV production
  • media training

We focus on businesses and products that reflect and promote the ideals of a principled, reasoned, and well-lived sense of life.

Our founder, TV personality and professional speaker Heather Wagenhals has been in the Internet Marketing space for almost 20 years. She is a nationally recognized personal finance authority and

Heather Wagenhals on the set of Unlock Your Wealth TV Broadcasting live from FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada
Heather Wagenhals on the set of Unlock Your Wealth TV broadcasting live from FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada

host of Unlock Your Wealth TV as a result of her internet marketing prowess.

Heather has been broadcasting, writing and speaking persuasively for more than 30 years.

With over 2,000 radio and television interviews, a successful TV show, FOX News contributor for ID Theft, frauds and scams, and 35 seasons with Unlock Your Wealth Radio, she knows how to create and promote compelling content and drive revenue streams.

When considering outsourcing, it is an easy choice to add Heather to your next show or project.

Take the next step to see if your company is eligible to partner with Renaissance Brand Management and complete this questionnaire and set up a complimentary discovery call today.